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Cat.6 RJ45 solid modular plug ( For UTP & FTP) - cable OD 5-6mm
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Model: 6-2111979-3
Cat.6 RJ45 solid modular plug ( For UTP & FTP) - cable OD 5-6mm..
Ex Tax:RM3.50
Model: Imperial Leather
The original classic ivory bar soap, trusted for generations. Knowns for its classic, luxury fragrance  Imperial Leather Original bar soap cleans and cares for all the family. Long lasting and trusted by generation after generation..
Ex Tax:RM14.20
Model: FranchSaffronSoap
Added with Saffron Mild body soap Naturally exfoliates your skin giving it a brighter natural looking complexion. Rich anti-oxidant properties found in Mulberry and Saffron extract also help to slow skin’s ageing process It’s enriched with Franch OIL that moisturizes, repairs and..
Ex Tax:RM11.90
Model: HAMAM Soap
Made from NEEM Leaves extract NEEM Leaves (Daun Semambu) is a natural powerful anti-bacterial organic leave HAMAM is the only soap that gives protection against rashes, pimples, prickly heat, body odour due to its main ingredient of Neem, Aloe Vera and Holy Basil. Recomended by most doctors in..
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3nos of 75gm Ayurvedic KAYAKALP Soap Bars
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Model: Kayakalp
Made of 23 types of Herbs Designed for anti bacterial purpose Helps to keep away dangerous bugs and insects Helps to protects against harmful air borne bacterias and fungus attacks Reduces body heat..
Ex Tax:RM8.90
Model: Mappilai
Price stands for 3 packets of Papadom Eack packet contains around 12pieces Crunchy Premium Quality Papadom Delicious and ideal as a snack Fully Vegetarian Imported quality ZERO Animal Fat FREE  from any artificial coloring and preservatives HALAL..
Ex Tax:RM9.50
Model: Chandrika Green Soap
One of the most popular soap in India Probably the 1st Herbal Soap  Added with ancient Ayurvedic Herbs NO Animal Fat Never tested on Animal 1st Ranking in the list top 10 Best / Preferred Soap in India Presence of natural oils belongs to Pachouli, Palmarosa, Wild Ginger, Cinnam..
Ex Tax:RM13.30
Model: GreenSoap
Very popular soap in Malaysia and Thailand Has been in market for many years Scented with lovely attracting fragrance..
Ex Tax:RM9.20
Model: Aupres transparent pouch
brand new original  Aupres transparent pouch  size : 16 x 15 x 4cm *Lotion NOT INCLUDED ..
Ex Tax:RM5.00
Classic Marble Cake Loaf
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Model: Classic Marble Loaf
Only Available within Klang Valley. The Original taste of a butter with a little bit of coco favor. Less Sweet & Moist, best for family and kids! ..
Ex Tax:RM18.00
Model: Dozee
DO'ZEE LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT ~ PINK AMIRA 10KGSABUN PENCUCI PAKAIAN DO'ZEE ~ PINK AMIRA 10KGVolume: 10L (10KG) Colour: Pink Odour: Floral, Woody ~ Bau Rose Pink + Softlan, lembut bak selembut warnanya===== KELEBIHAN SABUN DO'ZEE ===== ..
Ex Tax:RM35.00
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