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Model: Mappilai
Price stands for 3 packets of Papadom Eack packet contains around 12pieces Crunchy Premium Quality Papadom Delicious and ideal as a snack Fully Vegetarian Imported quality ZERO Animal Fat FREE  from any artificial coloring and preservatives HALAL..
Ex Tax:RM9.50
Classic Marble Cake Loaf
New Hot
Model: Classic Marble Loaf
Only Available within Klang Valley. The Original taste of a butter with a little bit of coco favor. Less Sweet & Moist, best for family and kids! ..
Ex Tax:RM18.00
Model: MilkPowder
One of the popular Milk Powder in the Market Imported from New Zealand now in 500gm Economical Packaging Affordable and delicious HALAL..
Ex Tax:RM14.80
Model: LOTTE
Made in Korea.The Lotte Popping Corn Chips is a crunchy corn chips in grilled corn flavour to satisfy your snacking needs. Its a tasty snack that once you start you cannot stop munching :)Weight: 72g..
Ex Tax:RM6.50
Model: Chickpeas
White Chickpeas High in FIber and Protein Nutritious  Imported quality..
Ex Tax:RM9.70
Model: Cumin
Cumin Seeds or Jintan Putih Main ingredients in typical Indian Curry Imported quality..
Ex Tax:RM19.90
Model: Fenugreek
Organic Fenugreek Seeds Fully imported quality main ingredients for Curry..
Ex Tax:RM7.90
Model: Black Seeds
One of the most the must have seeds by the Middle East people Said to be cure for all deceases  Also called as Kalonji or Black Seeds Import quality from India ..
Ex Tax:RM24.50
Model: Byadagi Red Chilles
High quality BYADAGI Dried Red Chillies Imported from Karnataka India Grade 668 SHU 15,000 to 17,000 Medium range of Spiciness Suitable for most Asian Cuisines Best for Sambal Nasi Lemak ..
Ex Tax:RM22.80
Model: DhalMalawi
Most prefered dhal for making Vadei An indian snack made with mashed dhal, onions and dried chillies Import quality..
Ex Tax:RM12.80
Model: Cashew
Indian origin Cashew Nuts Purely organic Non GMO Product Grade WB320..
Ex Tax:RM18.90
Model: Nutmeg
Tejavan's InHouse product Completely organic No additives or Chemicals added Grounded to fine powder Suitable for Medication purpose, Baking, Seasoning or Salad Dressing 100% Pure..
Ex Tax:RM15.80
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