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Jotun Majestic True Beauty Sheen Interior Paints - 5 Liter

Jotun Majestic True Beauty Sheen Interior Paints - 5 Liter
Jotun Majestic True Beauty Sheen Interior Paints - 5 Liter
Jotun Majestic True Beauty Sheen Interior Paints - 5 Liter
Jotun Majestic True Beauty Sheen Interior Paints - 5 Liter

Product type:     Interior Paints
This product is a premium water based acrylic paint that delivers true colour experience, transforming your home into a beautiful, desirable space. Your walls will have a luxurious colour with a smooth finish that is easy to clean. Jotun’s exclusive True Colour™ Technology ensures precise and uniform colours, uniquely formulated using high-quality materials. With Jotun’s EcoHealth™ promise, you can be assured that the paint is safe for you and the environment. It has a Sheen finishing

Features and benefits:
1.True Colour Experience - Deliver rich colour hues.
2.Luxurious Smooth Finish - Fine quality that no others can emulate.
3.Superior Easy Clean - Remove wall stains at home easily without losing its rich colour and lustre.
4.EcoHealth - Free from harmful chemicals such as APEO, formaldehyde, heavy metals and has low volatile organic compound (VOC).
5.Anti-Bacteria & Anti-Fungal: Prevent the spread of bacteria and growth of fungus indoors.
6.Perfect Colour In 2 Coats - Gives you the perfect colour in just 2 coats of paints.
7.Low Odour - Has a low odour during and after application.

Recommended use:
For interior application, suitable for new buildings or repainting.

On concrete, masonry surfaces and soft board surfaces.

Application equipment / methods:
By brush, roller, airless spray or conventional spray.

The paint is ready to use after proper stirring. If thinning is required, water may be added up to a maximum of 5%.

Directions for use:
Surface preparation -The substrate must be sound, clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease, lancet etc. All traces of form release agents/curing agents must be removed. A light sanding with suitable abrasive material is recommended before application. Any resulting dust/loose particles must be removed.

Recommended paint system:
Primer - Majestic Primer : 1 coat
Topcoat - Majestic True Beauty Sheen(NEW) : 2 coats

Coverage : 1 Liter can paint for approximately 10 square meters

The product must be stored in accordance with national regulations. Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from sources of heat and ignition. Containers must be kept tightly closed. Handle with care.

Complies to Singapore Green Label, Malaysia SIRIM Eco-Label.

*Stir well before use.
*Paints will only tinted after order made. All paints are non-refundable.

Colour Disclaimer:
Despite every effort to accurately depict each product's colour when scanned to the website, actual colour may vary. This is due to different devices of light, setting or pixel. Minor colour might be existed.

Jotun Majestic True Beauty Sheen Interior Paints - 5 Liter

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